What Will It Cost?

What Will It Cost?

Calling us is free and we are always happy to discuss your case with you. If you would like to use our services and instruct us we always tell you what it is going to cost before starting work.

Legal Aid

Although there have been a lot of cutbacks to the Legal Aid system recently, free help is still available for most people called in for a benefit fraud interview. If you are in receipt of certain “passport” benefits, you will automatically qualify for Legal Aid. These benefits are:

Income Support

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

Pension Guarantee Credit

Universal Credit

If you are not in receipt of one of these, but are on a low income and have little or no savings, you may still be eligible. If there is a chance you may be eligible, we will go through a Legal Aid application with you and assess whether you qualify. Wherever possible, we will help you through Legal Aid rather than asking you to pay privately.

What if I’m not eligible for Legal Aid?

If you are not eligible, we will agree a reasonable fixed fee before we start work. We are always clear about what the fee includes so there no hidden costs or nasty surprises. Our clients often find that our fees are lower than they had expected: many of our cases cost just a few hundred pounds and our expert advice could save you thousands in benefit repayments and court fines

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